Becoming More Involved in Our Communities – Ideas

One of the reason we started Republicans United for Texas was because if as Republicans we truly believe in smaller government, we must then believe in more responsibility for the individual. Problems in society do not just dissolve and fade away. To have a good society, these problems need to be addressed and remedied. Nature tends to favor the favored in all endeavors, but when there is a lack of balance in the system, there is chaos. Neither the favored, nor those in the lower tiers of society strive for chaos, so it is in the best interest of all, to resolved disparities in a peaceful orderly manner.

These disparities might be in the form of lack of basic needs for living, such as food, clothing, medical needs and housing, or in the basic tools needed to raise one’s self up from poverty such as digital access or even just transportation. There are many more things that people take for granted that are in fact a luxury to many. To reduce the need for more government, we must step up in the ways we contribute to those in need. Most people prefer a hand up to a hand out, so that will be the first focus of this organization.

The following article has some good suggestions we can use to encourage others to join in with us to promote more giving in our communities and shine a light on the true spirit of being a Republican.

Ten Ways to Encourage People to Give More

People can become desensitized to appeals for donations. Here’s how to overcome the collapse of compassion.

Following natural disasters like a hurricane or earthquake, many people rely on the generosity of strangers to help rebuild their lives. Donations to disaster relief organizations, local food and diaper banks, and other charities can make a big difference to people in great need.

However, we know that not everyone who can donate to these organizations ends up opening their wallets. In fact, a phenomenon known as compassion collapse (or fade) can make people less generous following catastrophic situations—or any time we are faced with many people in need. 

Are there ways that charities and individuals can help overcome our tendency to limit generosity? Fortunately, several studies suggest that there are. Here are ten evidence-based methods for encouraging people to give more to charity…..

1. Focus appeals on a single person ….. read the rest here